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Built to withstand the harshest working conditions in mining, logging, oil, agriculture, and marine sectors.

Equipped with an internal Temperature Control System (TCS), a safety feature which allows for higher intensity light and prevents overheating. Should the light’s housing temperature reach 75ºC, the TCS will engage and reduce output to reach an optimal performance.

This works well for our Canadian climate, where most light is needed during our cold winter months.

High Intensity lights come with Pigtail Wiring and Heavy Duty Mounting Hardware.



Size: 4.5″ Square        

Beam: 120º Flood, Work Flood

Lumens: 7,400 Lumens

Colour Temperature: 6,000K – Daylight

Watts: 96W

Amp. Draw: 7.65A

Voltage Range : 10V-30V DC

LEDS: 16

Chip Type: 6W OSRAM S8

IP Rating: IP67

Warranty: 2 Years From Ship Date


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