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This auxiliary driving light bar was built using latest advancements in technology, such as an edgeless lens and hooded dark reflectors. The hooded reflectors reduce glare and allow for better beam control. The edgeless design makes it hard for snow and ice to stick to its lens while also reducing wind friction and driving noise.

Each light is clearly marked to allow law enforcement and vehicle inspectors easy identification for compliance.

Light comes with a complete wiring harness, dual mounting system and hardware for easy plug & play installation.


Size: 30" Curved Light Bar

Beam: Driving

Lumens: 25,200 Lumens

Colour Temperature: 5,700K – Daylight

Watts: 300W

Amp. Draw: 9.2A

Voltage Range : 10V-30V DC

LEDS: 60

Chip Type: 5W OSRAM

IP Rating: IP67

Certification Standard: ECE-EMARK

Certification Test: ECE R112 (Auxiliary High Beam Driving Light)

Warranty: 2 Years From Ship Date

*Always check with regional rules and regulations regarding the use of auxiliary driving lights. NightRider™ LEDS strives to deliver the safest and most lawful lights, but cannot be held accountable for regional restrictions, improper mounting, aiming, or wiring.

Weight 10.47 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 8.25 × 2.25 in


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