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Street Legal* Auxiliary High Beam Driving Light and Strobe all in one!

Edgeless Lens. Hooded Dark Reflectors. This Jet Black Series Side Shooter light contains built-in mini light bars, which can be turned on to emit a double flashing amber warning light.

70W / 8,400lm Raw – 3,452lm Effective per light.

Sold in a kit of 2 lights with complete wiring harness and mounting hardware.

Beam: 8º Spot in Center, 140º Flood on Side
Lumens: 8,400lm Raw / 3,452lm Effective per light
Colour Temperature: 5,700K – Daylight
Wattage (Theoretical): 70W per light
Wattage (Actual): 21W per light (Output is throttled to comply with ECE standards)
Amp. Draw: 3.20A per light @ 12V
Voltage Range: 10-30V DC
IP Rating: IP67 – Waterproof to 1m
Certification Standard: ECE-EMARK
Certification Test: ECE R65 (Amber Warning Light), ECE R112 (Auxiliary High Beam Driving Light)
LEDS: 10 per Light
Chip Type: 10W OSRAM in center, 5W OSRAM on sides
Size: 97mm (W) x 77mm (H) x 75.5mm (D)

Warranty: 2 Years From Ship Date

Always check with regional rules and regulations regarding the use of auxiliary driving lights. NightRider™ LEDS strives to deliver the safest and most lawful lights, but cannot be held accountable for regional restrictions, improper mounting, aiming, or wiring.


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